Tools to Protect Human Artists

We provide web-hosted tools to help human artists defend themselves against AI.



We provide web-hosted tools to help human artists protect their art against A.I.

No downloads. No sign-ups. Free to use.


Apply ArtShield’s robust invisible watermark to your images to help camouflage them against A.I. robot scrapers.


Scan A.I.’s primary datasets to see if your images have potentially been trained on. Take action towards removing your images from being picked up by A.I. tools.

The ArtShield Mission

We built ArtShield with one goal - to protect creative works in the wake of AI.

Just as a shield is only one part of your armor, ArtShield is intended to be just part of a defensive approach.

Together we can slow AI scraping and training.

ArtShield is a tool made by artists for artists.


Our Team

Our team comprises of the following four nerds in Pennsylvania with backgrounds in art and technology

Technical Lead

Jonathan Wu


Artist Alley Veteran

Senior Software Engineer

Data Lead

Alice Xie


Digital Artist

Software Engineer

Frontend Lead

John Nguyen


Digital Art Hobbyist

Senior Software Engineer

Community Manager

Scarlet Guo


Digital Artist


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