Scanner Limitations

Currently, ArtShield’s Scanner search only supports websites built with Shopify. (We are researching support for more websites!)

If your art was reposted to another website, the Sweeper Scan cannot detect that.

We currently only scan for links in LAION datasets. If your art was linked in another dataset, the Sweeper Scan also cannot detect that.

If you have any suggestions feel free to reach out to the team via Twitter or GitHub.

How Sweeper Scanner Works


Step 1

Select a Platfrom

Choose one of the available platforms to start with.

ex. "



Step 2

Enter Website URL

Enter the URL of a website that utilizes the selected platform.*

ex. "


Step 3

Get Results

Receive a list of all image links that are found matching the platform URL provided and instructions on how to clean them.**

* The entered URL must belong to a website using the selected platform.

** It is common for there to be no matching image links in the database.